Ways to a Competitive Swimming Head Start

Ways to a Competitive Swimming Head Start

A good start in any swimming race is critical. This is especially important in short heats where the separation between swimmers is measured in hundredths of seconds. Competitive swimmers know they must continually practice in order to be at their best on the day of a race. While a coach’s instruction is your first point-of-reference, try these tips to add additional improvements to your starts.

Practice Using Real Blocks

Employ regulation starting blocks to replicate the feel of a race and to use it as a performance yardstick. Confirm the swimming starting block near me your team uses and spare no expense it trying to match it. You may be able to borrow a high-quality portable model from your coach.

Practice Your Form

In all sports, participants develop negative habits that affect performance. Every aspect of your start plays a role in your success. Have someone film them, from your crouch to your first stroke. Slow the replay down when you watch. What you feel may be different from your actual form.

Note Starter Routines During the Event

Different starters employ different rhythms from each other. Pay attention during races other than yours to see if you can catch a timing pattern. Mentally and repeatedly time your push-off to that rhythm until you have it down cold.

Create a Narrow Mental Mindset

When called to your event, your mind needs to be in the moment. If you have practiced enough, you should be relying on muscle memory for a clean start. Eliminate all sound and visual distractions, and concentrate only on the feel of the blocks and the starter’s cadence.

Repetition is a gold-gold standard element incorporated into successful swimming-start preparation. If you have your routine down to a science, you should experience a seamless water entry and a blazing start every time.

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