3 Great Ways To Add Focal Points to Your Home’s Landscaping

3 Great Ways To Add Focal Points to Your Home’s Landscaping

Every yard, big or small, needs a few focal points to give it some visual interest and personality. If you’ve always wanted to make your yard stand out from the rest, follow these three tips to add dynamic focal points to your home’s landscaping.

1. Create a Living Border

Add color and life to your yard by planting a low-maintenance perennial border along your property lines. Using perennials in your borders will provide you with plenty of reliable color year after year. Black-eyed Susan and sedum are a popular pairing, but feel free to get creative and experiment with texture, height and color. To heighten the effect further, plant phlox and honeysuckle roses in these areas to provide beautiful fragrance, as well.

2. Add a Water Feature

Water instantly adds movement and magic to any outdoor space. You can incorporate water into the design of your garden by installing a small self-contained fountain. These types of fountains can simply be plugged into an outdoor outlet or power source and they’re good to go, since all plumbing features are inside the structure. Try to integrate the fountain into the design by hiding it behind stacked stone or surrounding it with a variety of low-growing plants.

3. Highlight With Light

If you’ve put in the effort to beautify your yard, why not see to it that it looks beautiful even after the sun goes down? It’s best to install a blend of uplighting, downlighting and broadcast lighting to highlight the interesting features of your landscaping. Pittsburgh area electricians can help you safely wire this new feature which will perfectly highlight the hard work you’ve put into your lawn and garden.

By elevating the style of your yard, you transform the entire appearance of your home as a whole. Follow these tips and you’ll see just how easy it is to bring your landscaping to life!

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Earl Barnes