4 Types of Philosophy

4 Types of Philosophy

People have been discussing philosophical views with each other for thousands of years. Many different philosophers have tried to explain the nature of the universe and humanity. Different thinkers have contributed and there are many types that can be studied and followed today.

1. Humanism

Humanism means various things to different people. There are multiple varieties that are often referred to simply as humanism by people when speaking or writing about it. It is based on the notion that human beings should use rational thought processes to navigate their lives as opposed to relying on religious or secular institutions. They also promote responsibility for the planet and all of mankind. There are subsets of humanism beliefs Columbus OH.

2. Stoicism

Originating in ancient Greek, it was passed to the Romans and is now practiced by people all over the world. It focuses on how to react when things do not happen in the desired way. Stoicism promotes concentrating on the self and accepting things that cannot be changed while doing whatever possible to effect outcomes that can be changed.

3. Nihilism

The main idea of nihilism is that there is no belief in the meaning of things. There is moral, existential and metaphysical nihilism. They believe that there are no moral facts, nothing has value and there are no metaphysical truths.

4. Hedonism

The idea that the only thing of value is happiness is a belief held by hedonists. This does not mean that they believe in reckless behavior that leads to self-destruction. Long-term happiness is also a consideration, so the life led today should positively impact what will happen in the future.

There are many kinds of philosophical views that are followed by modern people. Most of the systems have value and try to make people’s lives better in some way. By pondering our own humanity, we can understand the impact our actions have on our own lives, the lives of others and the world as a whole.

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