Tips for the Concealed Carry Lifestyle

Tips for the Concealed Carry Lifestyle

Now that you have been granted your concealed carry permit and purchased your weapon. You will purchase a comfortable holster, such as a concealed shoulder holster, that will work with your lifestyle and wardrobe. However, your responsibilities do not end at your weapon and holster purchase.


You may feel a sense of unease or an inflated sense of security when you begin carrying a weapon. However, both of these feelings can get you into trouble. Without proper training and practice, you are no more protected with a weapon than without. In fact, you could be a danger to yourself and others. In addition, your unease may cause you to jump to conclusions or overreact during tense or otherwise uncomfortable situations.

When you carry concealed, you should adopt a calm demeanor. Learn techniques to deescalate arguments and tense situations. If someone recognizes that you carry, you need to be able to calm them down, and if someone starts an argument or acts aggressively toward you, but you don’t fear for your life, showing or pulling your weapon could make the situation significantly worse.

You Are Watched

When you begin to carry, you may feel as if you are constantly watched. Therefore, you may feel the need to shift or move your body in ways that are not natural to further conceal your weapon. Fortunately, if you wear the proper clothing, purchase the right holster and act naturally, most people will never know you carry a weapon.

Know the Law

As a responsible gun owner and concealed carrier, you must know the local and state laws. Each state, and sometimes different communities, have different gun laws. For example, you are not allowed to enter some buildings, such as federal buildings and those that house children, with a concealed weapon. In some localities, you cannot enter malls, theaters or bars and restaurants with a concealed weapon. In addition, individual business owners may not allow concealed carry in their establishments.

You are responsible for carrying your concealed weapon safely and legally. Learn about your responsibilities before you begin to carry your weapon.

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