Family Lawyer for Divorce and Child Custody

Family Lawyer for Divorce and Child Custody

Family lawyers play an important and vital role when family conflicts or other family matters become subject to legal considerations.  In addition, they can help family members solve disputes rationally when emotions become heightened. Especially high on the list are divorce and child custody. You may need a Jacksonville family law firm for help with these situations. 


Divorce ranks highly among the stresses that can affect a person’s life, despite the fact that almost no one entering into a marriage foresees it coming. Divorce results in a legal and fundamental alteration of family life. It is often accompanied by heightened emotion and enormously painful conflict. Common reasons for divorce include infidelity and lack of commitment to marriage. It can take years for affected people to get back to a healthy equilibrium.

A divorce becomes final when the court enters a divorce decree and approves the divorce settlement. A good family lawyer is able to smooth this process through to a mutually agreed conclusion.

Child Custody

When a divorce or other marital separation occurs, child custody and care are often one of the most important issues to be resolved. Children are deeply affected by divorce. Most of the time both parties in the dissolving marriage are looking for the best outcome for their children. Nonetheless, it can be very difficult during this process and emotions can be a hindrance to the creation of a sound plan. Among the many items to consider are:

  • Custody and visitation rights of each spouse.
  • The relocation of one or both of the parents.
  • Modification of custody and visitation agreements with the passage of time.

The issue of custody can be legally complex, especially if one parent desires sole legal and physical custody. A good family lawyer can help in the negotiation of custody details.

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