Steps for Getting Your Will Started

Steps for Getting Your Will Started

Sometimes people put off writing a will because they feel it’s an admission of old age or an omen of an early death. Fortunately, it is neither of those things. A will is a document that protects your family and your assets should the unthinkable happen. Whether you’re old or young, you want what is best for your family and should consider making a will. The following are some basic steps to getting it started.

Contact an Estate Planning Lawyer

When you get in touch with someone at your local law firm Marion NC, you can explain what you want to do. An estate planning lawyer can walk you through the process to get our will prepared correctly and legally. If you are unsure of a step, your lawyer can explain it to you. Discuss with your lawyer where you plan to keep the will, as you may want your lawyer to hang on to a copy.

Choose Your Beneficiaries

This may be one of the hardest parts of creating a will. You have to decide who will benefit from your estate after your passing. If you have young children, you should state where you want them to go. If you have multiple properties, you should state whether you want them all sold and the money donated, if you want to leave each property to a child, or another option. As time goes on, beneficiaries might change, so be sure to update your will as you have more children, get married, get divorced or after any other life changing events.

Choose an Executor

You’ll need to name an executor of your estate in your will. This will be the person who will work on distributing assets after your passing. Choose someone you trust to be efficient and responsible, while working to create harmony in your family.

Of course, there are a lot of other steps as well, including getting signatures, attaching additional letters and more. Speaking with your attorney, you can determine the best way to go about getting it done.

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