The Famous Things That Started Out Temporary

The Famous Things That Started Out Temporary

Like those temporary tattoos Odessa TX that you decided you wanted to continue to see when you are in your 70s, many other enduring things started out as provisional. That temp job you took after college 20 years ago where you still work or the move to that small town with a low cost of living that was just until you got back on your feet, the one where your children are now attending high school, are some of the examples of how stop-gap solutions can become a way of life. The following list iconic landmarks that were only planned to be temporary may surprise you.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Exposition Universelle to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Even though it took over two years to complete, it was only planned to stand for 20 years. However, after antennae were attached to the top, it became a permanent fixture and continues to be an instantly recognizable icon of Paris. 

The London Eye

The London Eye, easily found on any skyline view of London, is a popular tourist attraction and landmark built in 2000. Enclosed cars take riders on a giant Ferris Wheel over the city, providing a romantic backdrop for proposals and photo ops. It’s hard to believe that this enduring stop on many London itineraries was only intended to stand for five years. 20 years later, it welcomes 3.75 million people annually. 

The Golden Gate Bridge

While the bridge was always intended to endure the test of time, the iconic color was purely unintentional. The steel was coated in a primer that temporarily colored it a bright red-orange. When the architect saw it in place, he liked the color so much that International Orange became the permanent paint color for the bridge.

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