What Happens When Bail Is Too Expensive?

What Happens When Bail Is Too Expensive?

Getting arrested and facing the prospect of spending several days or weeks in jail can be very frightening. Additionally, you could lose your job because you aren’t able to work for several days in a row. Your employer may not care whether you’re innocent or guilty at that point.  The situation may feel even worse when you consider the amount of money necessary to get out on bail. Don’t panic; a bail bond agency may help you through this situation.

What Is Bail?

Bail isn’t meant to be a financial punishment. Instead, the purpose of bail is to be sure that you will attend all of your court dates. The idea is that you turn over some of your money or property and you’ll get it back when your case has been resolved. You should get your bail back whether you are found innocent or guilty.

Bail Amount

There are two common ways for you to find out the bail amount. Some jails have a bail schedule posted, so you can quickly learn how much you need to pay. In other situations, you need to wait a day or two to see the judge who will consider your history and whether you’ll show up to court dates. The bail amount is dependent on these and other factors.

Financial Help

The amount of bail amount is often out of reach for most defendants. Without some type of assistance, the defendant would be stuck in jail. With the help of washington county bail bonds, however, you (the defendant) can borrow the amount of money needed for bail. Most of the time, you can expect to pay a non-refundable fee and maybe a percentage of the bail amount. The bail bond agency then pays the rest of the bail on your behalf. At the end of the court proceedings, the court returns the money to the agency, and you get your part of the bail returned as well.

Don’t put your job or family at risk. If you’ve been arrested, reach out to a bail bond agency. You shouldn’t have to wait in jail while your case is decided.

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