Posting Bail

Posting Bail

The process of getting arrested is stressful and nobody wants to spend any longer in jail than they must. In order for someone to get released from jail, they need to post bail. While Iredell County Bail Bonds can help someone get released from jail quickly, people need to know about the process of posting bail. Then, they can prepare their defense in the comfort of their own home.

Bail Must Be Set

Before someone can post bail, it needs to be set. Usually, after someone is arrested, they go before a judge within 24 hours. At that time, the judge reads the arrest warrant and ensures that probable cause has been met for the arrest as well as the filing of charges.

Then, the judge will set bail. Sometimes, the defense attorney and the prosecutor (if present) will argue for why bail should be set at a certain amount. After this, the judge will decide on bail.

In some cases, the judge might release someone on a PR bond, meaning that no bail has to be posted as long as the defendant agrees to show up for his or her court date. In other cases, the judge might deny bond. This means the defendant is held in jail until trial. This is only done in the case of capital offenses such as murder.

In most cases, the judge will set bail at a certain amount. This depends on the person’s prior record as well as the severity of the charges against the defendant. Then, bond can be posted.

Post Bond Quickly

Once bail has been set, it is important to post it as quickly as possible. There is where a professional bail bondsman can help. A bail bondsman is familiar with the process and has connections that can help someone post bail quickly. This ensures a quicker release.

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