How To Print a Poster

How To Print a Poster

Have you ever found or designed an image, chart, or inspirational quote that you wanted to hang on the wall? The problem is, when you print it out on 8.5 by 11-inch paper, the result is underwhelming. Don’t worry, though. You have options when you want to print a large poster.

Print and Paste

When you have something big to print, you can print it on letter-sized paper at home or in the office and then tape it together. Usually, your print dialogue will have an option to print your file poster-size or poster-style. If the file is set up to be large, you can try printing it at 100 percent and see if your options automatically change to print on multiple sheets of paper. Your multi-page prints will come out with a white border around them, so you can cut some of the borders off and use a glue stick to overlap them so the image matches up.

Print and Mount

If you want to add some durability to your printed poster, you can mount it to a rigid backing material instead of just gluing the pages together. Print your pages and cut them out, taking off all of the white borders this time. Then use a glue stick or rubber cement to mount them to a piece of poster board, foam board, or anything else you have on hand.

Go the Professional Route

Sometimes, you need something more durable than what you can create at home with a simple printer and a glue stick. That’s where a wide format printer comes in. A professional at wide-format printing Davie FL can work with you to create large, high-quality posters, vinyl banners that can last for years, or even magnetic signs to put on your car. Whether you already have a file you want to print or need help with choosing a design, a professional printing company can help you achieve your goal.

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