4 Ways To Appeal to Commercial Tenants

4 Ways To Appeal to Commercial Tenants

Vacant office space means a lack of income. The longer they remain empty, the more problematic it becomes.  As a landlord, the primary goal is to fill those spaces as quickly as possible, increasing revenue. Therefore, it’s best to plan to woo new tenants and keep current renters happy and eager to renew. 

1. Use Research Marketing

Feedback is important in determining how companies like your facility. Market research and satisfaction surveys allow you to understand what people currently appreciate and what improvements they desire. For example, are people seeking eco-friendly buildings? Do families seek a location with on-site childcare? This data drives any changes as well as advertising to prospective clients. Adapt and promote what people want.

2. Emphasize Cleaning Procedures

Today’s society cares a great deal about sanitary conditions. It is no longer enough to offer space. The company should also invest in cleaning procedures that minimize the spread of germs. Layout your policy for regular disinfection of doors, counters and touchable areas. Also, look for ways to minimize spread. For example, can you change things to voice-activated systems? Are you able to install sanitizer containers throughout high-frequency areas?

3. Maintain Pristine Updated Facilities

Don’t neglect fixtures and materials. While a cleaning crew may get rid of dust, it cannot keep things shiny and looking in mint condition. Paint regularly to keep walls looking good and fresh. The flooring becomes scratched as people traverse in and out. Have it continue to shine by working with a company that specializes in scrub and seal Manhattan NY.

4. Offer Amenities and Perks

Create an incentive plan, and set aside amenities for your clients. Network with local companies to offer discounts for your patrons. Is the coffee shop in the lobby or around the corner willing to give a reduced price for your tenants? Do you have companies eager to connect with your institutions? Make a list of these businesses for employee reference.

Select a few spots to convert into function rooms for tenants. For example, is there a unit available to become a gym? Could you create interview rooms or group team building sections? Having these onsite could allow your clients to enjoy these perks and save themselves the hassle of renting these elsewhere or converting their own units.

Clients search for more to intrigue them with your place or maintain contentment; give them as much as possible. Emphasize your cleaning procedures, modify and spruce up the facility and search for fringe benefits.

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