3 Ways To Deal With the Death of a Coworker

3 Ways To Deal With the Death of a Coworker

The death of a coworker is always a difficult workplace situation. Whether the individual felt like family or it was a tragic situation that led to a wrongful death workers compensation Houston TX lawsuit, dealing with the loss takes time and patience. Each member of the workplace family will handle the loss differently, but there are ways to encourage a smooth and emotionally healthy transition past the loss.

Respect the Relationships That Were in Place

You may have been very close to the deceased or you may not have realized who it was that passed away. Be considerate of the way your coworkers will grieve, but keep in mind that they may not realize the extent of your relationship with the deceased either. Never tell someone to move on or get past what has occurred.

Be Able To Talk About It

Not everyone will be willing to open up and deal with the details of the death, and company management may not make a formal statement concerning the death. However, don’t be afraid to share your feelings or listen as others talk through the experience. You may not have been familiar with the individual as a person, but you can recognize their efforts and work ethic. Talking can help many people work through what they are feeling.

Provide Support Wherever You Can

If you see others having a hard time in the days following the event, think of ways you could be a support to the work-family or the blood relatives of the deceased. At work, you can offer to switch shifts or take a part of the workload (so long as management allows), and you can send a card or deliver a meal to the family of those grieving the loss. Be positive and encouraging, even if your own emotions are running high.

Death can be an unplanned workplace situation and one that is hard to navigate. These three ideas give you a way to work through the hurt and emotions.

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