3 Competitive Shooting Types

3 Competitive Shooting Types

Many people love to participate in or watch competitive shooting contests. There are many varieties and can involve guns of all kinds, including pistols, rifles and shotguns. Competitions can focus on different categories and involve different levels of difficulty to involve everyone from amateurs to experts.

1. Bullseye Shooting

Bullseye shooting is usually for people shooting pistols, although some rifle competitions can include it as well. The rules vary by event and can involve timed shots or a mix of slow- and rapid-firing techniques. Someone who is serious about the sport should look into getting the correct competition handguns or rifles to get a competitive edge.

2. Cowboy Action Shooting

To find a competition that encourages creativity and style, check out cowboy action shooting. Multiple types of guns are used in the shooting contests and they must be based on designs from the late 1800s. Shooters are expected to wear accurate attire and accessories to reflect the theme. They also take on an alias and can choose their own name to reflect their personality and style.

3. Clay Shooting

There are different variations of clay shooting. Trap shooting is an event where multiple clay targets are fired into the air in the direction that the shooter is standing. However, their trajectory varies, making it difficult to select and shoot the targets. Skeet shooting involves clay targets that are fired into the air from opposite directions and cross in the middle. Sporting clay shooting is the most difficult because the clay targets are fired up at different angles, heights and speed.

People have been enjoying showing off their shooting skills since guns were invented. Modern day competitions are a fantastic way for people to come together in a safe environment and see how they rank. Explore the options and choose something that can be a rewarding hobby for years to come.

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