4 Emergency Numbers To Store in Your Phone

4 Emergency Numbers To Store in Your Phone

Luckily, the internet can bring up phone numbers in seconds, but during an emergency, are you sure you will remember the name or location of the crisis number you need? Prepare for possible issues by storing the following numbers on your phone. You may also want to print important contact information and put it on your fridge so you will always have access. 

1. Locksmith

Most people have been locked out of their home, car, or business at one time or another. When you need the help of a lock technician to get you back into your office because someone jammed a key into the lock, use the number for a commercial locksmith MD you have stored in your emergency list

2. Family Doctor

While you may need instant help when your child injures themselves, a trip to the emergency room may not be necessary. Keep your family doctor’s number handy in case you need to request information about a bite, sting, or bruise. You never know when calling the nurse at your doctor’s office will be necessary.

3. Fire Department

If you see a car catch fire on the highway, you don’t need to call the police department and waste valuable routing time. Instead, put the fire department’s emergency number in your contact list. Having direct access to the number can save valuable time, and perhaps that means saving lives.

4. Manager

Many people around the country face adverse weather conditions during the year. Whether it is drifting snow, golf-sized hail, or torrential winds, you may need to call your manager and let the office know you won’t be in due to extenuating circumstances.

Having these numbers on hand can help you stay calm during an emergency situation. You never know when you will need to send out a call for help, so be prepared.

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