3 Frightening Facts About Drinking and Driving

3 Frightening Facts About Drinking and Driving

Drunk driving has become a major problem throughout the United States. Despite increased public awareness on the dangers of intoxicated driving, over one million people are arrested for driving under the influence each year. This is an issue that can unfortunately happen to anyone, even to someone who had one drink before driving off. You should know how drunk driving can affect your ability to stay focused on your surroundings.

Affects Financial Recovery

The cost of a DUI incident may seem modest at first if you’re solely considering the cost of a mandatory safe driving program, which can cost up to $1,000. However, the court costs, reimbursement fees and auto insurance penalties add up to a larger number, which can increase up to $10,000. If you are arrested for driving while under the influence Milton MA, it can make future financial recovery more difficult.

Affects Young Adults

27 percent of fatal crashes that occurred in 2017 involved drivers between the ages of 21 and 24. This bleak statistic shouldn’t be perceived as a rite of passage, as alcohol-impaired driving is a leading cause of death in young adults. DUI charges leave a negative social impact on a young adult that can last for decades, affecting their career plans and current relationships.

Affects Males More

Most convicted drunk drivers in history have been men. More women, however, have been arrested for alcohol-impaired driving in the past decade, making up for 25 percent of total DUI convictions. Although police officers sometimes unknowingly discriminate the driver’s gender, both men and women need to know the dangers of their decision and the consequences they have on everyone on the road.

Drunk driving is a decision often caused by lack of insight. The future consequences on the convicted driver’s finances and social life, however, are too severe to overlook. You should understand the impact alcohol-impaired driving leaves behind, since gaining insight on the issue can help lower the overall number of DUI incidences.

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