Revving and Waving – To Jail You Go

Revving and Waving – To Jail You Go

When the wild kids in the neighborhood woke your baby for the third time one night as they raced their motorcycles up and down the street in front of your home, you probably yelled more loudly than you needed to as you tried to get their attention. While waving your arms wildly, you may have looked menacing, but that was no reason for those boys to start swearing at you or revving their motors even more loudly. When one approached you with a baseball bat, you could not help yourself as your temper flared – you decked him. When the police arrived at your home 20 minutes later, you were awaiting them. This is what you can expect next.

1. Step One

The first step after your arrest will be the fingerprints, a photograph, and possible questioning. You can expect to wait in a cell after that until you can meet with the judge the next morning. If you have any items taken from you when you are arrested, do not worry, they will be returned upon your release.

2. Step Two

The legal name for your meeting with the judge is “arraignment.” The judge will talk to the bailiff about your charges, then speak with you about the circumstances of your arrest, and finally, you will be asked to plead to your charges. Ask for an attorney if you do not have one and keep asking until someone hears you. At the closure of your arraignment, the judge will assign a bail amount for your release.

3. Step Three

Once you know the bail amount required, contact a bail bonds Pennsylvania company and have one of the bond agents make arrangements to get you out of jail. You will need to provide at least 10% of the bail amount in property or cash before you can be released.

Once you are out of jail, stay out of trouble with the neighborhood wild bunch, or you will be re-arrested. Just ignore the revving motors and turn the music up.

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