Why You Should Invest in a Pet Screen Door

Why You Should Invest in a Pet Screen Door

If you have a dog, you know how much of a responsibility they are. You have to feed them, give them water, bathe them, and play with them, along with other tasks. Your dog depends on you to do these things for him. Sometimes it would help for a dog to be able to do a couple things on her own. This is where a pet screen door comes in. Read on to see how having a screen door can help both you and your dog! 

Potty Break 

Investing in pet screen door Portland OR can give your dog the freedom they need to use the potty on their own terms! Dogs have many of the same needs that humans have. They must sleep. They must eat. They must drink water. Just like humans, dogs need to do their private business every once in awhile too.

However, the difference is that people can take themselves to the bathroom without any help from anyone else. Dogs don’t have this luxury. Without a screen door, you have to release your dog outside every time they need to take a potty break. This might get annoying after awhile-for both you and the dog. The worst thing is that if your dog doesn’t go outside in time, they might have an accident in the house. 

Play Time 

Just like a potty break, sometimes your dog might need to blow off some steam. However, sometimes you might be working or just not able to play with them at the moment. At the same time, the dog needs to run off energy. You also don’t probably don’t want them running around the house wreaking havoc. Having a screen door allows them to take themselves outside to play. This gives them the freedom to run around on their own, without help from you. Consider investing in a pet screen door today! 

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