Tips for Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Tips for Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges, such as domestic assault Davidson County TN, can be overwhelming. However, the right attorney will help you during the process and provide you with the best defense available. Therefore, you should search out the best attorney for your case.


Most importantly, your lawyer should specialize in criminal defense. Although many lawyers, especially in smaller communities, may practice in a number of fields, including estate planning, taxation, and civil law, search for one who actually specializes in criminal law.


Your criminal lawyer should also have extensive experience in criminal law. In addition, the best lawyer will have specific experience in the crime with which you have been charged. For example, extensive breaking-and-entering-defense experience may not translate to domestic violence or criminal negligence. Therefore, choose a criminal attorney with experience in your case type.

You also need an attorney with court experience in your jurisdiction. Local networks or relationships may improve the outcome of criminal cases, and court judges may have specific procedures or processes the lawyer needs to be familiar with.


Your lawyer should have in-depth knowledge of the criminal process, from your arrest to discovery procedures and the trial process. In addition, your attorney should be able to explain this process and all possible outcomes to you without extensive research. They should just know these things.

Your attorney should also know what questions to ask you to understand all the nuances of your case and all the applicable defenses and laws. Your lawyer should know the criminal justice system and laws associated with your charges.


The right attorney will be reputable. You may ask for referrals or references, but you should also check your state bar to determine whether your prospective lawyers are in good standing and have any formal disciplinary actions on their records. You may also conduct internet searches for other reviews.

Facing criminal charges requires expertise and effectiveness. Therefore, do your homework and hire the best lawyer available.

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