Things You Didn’t Know About Santa Fe

Things You Didn’t Know About Santa Fe

Every city has a rich history full of well-known anecdotes and not-so-common stories. This colorful tapestry of culture makes traveling all the more fun if you seek out the strange facets of a new town. Even big cities have portions of their past unknown to most travelers. Places like Boston that are well-traveled and researched still hold little gems in the nooks and crannies of their streets. A great way to find out more about cities before you visit, including where to go, what to see, and local spots, is to do a quick search before you leave for your adventure. For example, if you search “weird facts Santa Fe NM” you’ll find out tons of interesting things like what’s mentioned below.

Fun Facts About Santa Fe

Established in 1607, Santa Fe became the oldest state capitol in the U.S. in 1610, just three years after its inception. It was also considered the capital of the Spanish “kingdom” before the state was taken from Mexico and incorporated into the union, so it has a long history of being the seat of political power. Santa Fe has also received widespread recognition for its focus on the arts. In 2005, it became the first U.S. city to be recognized as a UNESCO Creative City. It has tons of jobs focused on the arts, from visual to performance, and definitely puts an emphasis on the community’s color and skills. Part of this performing arts scene is the Santa Fe Opera. This isn’t just any opera house, though. In fact, it’s not even indoors. The Santa Fe Opera lives in an open arena with views of the mountains to help set the mood in every performance.

These are just a few facts about Santa Fe! There are plenty more to explore if you take the time to look.

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