Preparing for TABC License and Permit Changes

Preparing for TABC License and Permit Changes

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission tries to stay as current as possible regarding TABC permit requirements. However, it is the license holders’ responsibility to stay as up-to-date as possible on these changes. You can find a complete list of changes on the TABC official website. However, here are some of the biggest that you will need to know. 

Licensing Process

Per any state laws and technology changes, the TABC can change how businesses apply for licenses, renew permits, add authorized parties, make changes, or host events. Businesses should ensure they understand the licensing process and necessary technology before performing any of these tasks. 

License Types and Fees

Sometimes, license types change, impacting the permit that a business needs to operate. When this happens, you must ensure you still have the proper license and have paid all associated fees. Therefore, be sure to regularly check the website for updates for confirmation that your license hasn’t changed and you are still certified to sell alcohol. 

Technology Changes

The TABC has developed its own management system to embrace current technological trends and ensure access for applicants. Any business with a license will need to go through an onboarding process that explains how to perform any necessary tasks for the permit to stay active. 

Beer and Ale Changes

Previously, beer and ale were considered two different classifications of beverages. However, they were recently combined and are now both considered malt beverages. If you manufacture, distribute, or sell one of these beverages, it is your responsibility to ensure that your license is good for these beverages. 

The TABC may make changes to their requirements or permits and licenses to stay as current as possible. As a license holder, you must stay as up-to-date as possible on this agency’s published changes to ensure you adhere to the law. 

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