How Tamper-Evident Packaging Benefits Your Company

How Tamper-Evident Packaging Benefits Your Company

Tamper-evident packaging is packaging that has a seal that is noticeably broken if the package has been disturbed or opened prior to purchase. It is not the same as tamper-proof packaging. Tamper-evident packaging is not regulated by the FDA, while tamper-proof is. There are no requirements to package your goods in tamper-evident packaging, but there are three reasons you might want to give your products an extra level of security. 

1. It Protects Your Business

If your business manufactures a consumable product, and the seal of your product were to break, either intentionally or accidentally, the reputation of your business could be on the line. If the contents of your packaging were to expire from that breakage, or were even tampered with by another person who wished to cause others harm, chances are your business would be liable. Tamper-evident caps found on most bottle products alert the businesses stocking the product as well as the consumer purchasing the product that the contents of the packaging have been compromised. 

2. Peace of Mind for the Consumer

When a consumer is faced with a buying decision with two-like products, they will have peace of mind in the knowledge that their safety has been considered with the tamper-evident product. Not only does this put the consumer at ease, but it builds their loyalty toward your company. 

3. Keep Products Safe

During transportation, products shift. Tamper-evident packaging is one more line of defense to protect the product from opening during transport and becoming damaged. This protects the business from loss. 

Tamper-evident packaging is a sign of social responsibility on the part of the company who manufactures and distributes the product. If your business manufactures products that are edible or absorbed by skin, then your business is a good candidate for adopting the practice of safer packaging. 

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Earl Barnes