2 Ways To Share the Gospel Without Preaching

2 Ways To Share the Gospel Without Preaching

Many Christians want to share their faith with people but are uncomfortable with the idea of preaching to their friends or strangers. There are many ways to share the gospel, so if you’re interested in sharing your beliefs, find a way that works with your personality and comfort level so it doesn’t feel like torture. Here are three ways you can share your faith without standing on a street corner soapbox.

1. Write Music 

Many Christians have found selling Christian worship songs music Burlingame CA is a fulfilling way to share their message. This allows people to get their message out in a way that fits their emotions. Aside from sharing a message, another benefit is improving upon your talents and doing something you’re passionate about. With the internet, you can share your message with people all over the world — you never know who might stumble across it. This will allow you to reach people you most likely wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Of course, you can also perform this music in person — if preaching on the streets or from a pulpit isn’t your thing, sharing your beliefs on stage might be a better fit. 

2. Write a Book 

Putting your faith onto paper can take many forms. C.S. Lewis is a perfect example of the many ways people can share their faith through the printed word — he wrote some books that were outright sermons, while others, such as his famous Chronicles of Narnia, are more subtle, but faith-filled nonetheless. Remember that Jesus often taught in parables. 

Similar to publishing music, you can reach people all over with a book or essay, especially if you make it available via eBook, such as for Kindle. 

You don’t have to be out in the streets handing out literature or preaching to share your Christian beliefs (though you can do that, too). If you have a message to share, think of creative ways to use your talents that you’re passionate about. 

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